• Aleshia Sharpe
    Aleshia Sharpe

    Disability: Spina Bifida
    It took 2 years for Aleshia to get her license, it was well worth the time and effort. Looking forward to the independence ahead..

  • Alexa Deklerk
    Alexa Deklerk

    Disability: Spina Bifida
    Alexa is studying Social Sciences at TAFE to her to go to work and also be an active member of her community.

  • Callum Ballentyne
    Callum Ballentyne

    Disability: Malformed limbs
    Callum is born with only three fingers on one complete arm. Despite this he has lived his life to the full and continues his studies.

  • Jaimen Hudson
    Jaimen Hudson

    Disability: Tetraplegia
    Jaimen is needs a super modified vehicle that will allow him to drive from his wheelchair for maximum independence.

  • Madison De Rozario
    Madison De Rozario

    Disability: Paraplegia
    Madison is currently training as one of our Para Olympians and can't wait to get her license in order to get total independence.

  • Tayla Stone
    Tayla Stone

    Disability: Paraplegia
    Tayla works for Workability in Mandurah. Tayla is also involved in organising wheelchair basketball in her area.

  • Tiarne Pell
    Tiarne Pell

    Disability: Spina Bifida
    Tiarne is currently finishing her certificate as a Teachers Aide. Her ability to drive will allow her to get to work independently.

  • Zak Giannopoulos
    Zak Giannopoulos

    Disability: Fredericks Ataxia
    Zak's condition will make him take up to two years to learn how to control a vehicle to the point where he can pass his PDA.

Six Stars Association Inc. Is a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation.  We used to be a driving school for the Disabled and Disadvantaged people of Western Australia.

We are in the process of becoming a low cost service provider of Supervised Log Book Sessions.

Acquiring their Drivers License is a very important step in most peoples’ lives, but this is even more so for those living with disability/disadvantage.

Possessing a Drivers License opens up all sorts of opportunities, particularly with employment.

We believe that with the increase to 50 hours of required Supervised Driving Hours it has become increasingly difficult for many people with disability/disadvantage to obtain their Drivers License.

We need to be able to gauge public, industry and government demand & support.  We also seek Corporate sponsors / partners and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

We ask that all Case workers, Carers, Social Workers, other interested people and parties to send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with their thoughts in this regard. Constructive suggestions are also welcome.

Your input will help to make the new service a reality.

Thank you.